Ariel Re hires cleantech specialist Tad Dritz as Senior Risk Analyst

Global reinsurer Ariel Re has appointed clean energy and renewables technology consultant Tad Dritz as a Senior Risk Analyst.

In this role, Dritz will help the company to evaluate the technical risks associated with clean energy technologies, including biofuels, bioenergy, battery storage, fuel cells, hydrogen and solar.

Dritz also works as an independent fundraising, project development and business planning consultant, helping to advise firms on how to develop new technologies and transition into commercial scale deployment.

Additionally, he has co-founded a hydrogen technology firm and works with venture capital to help discover and fund new clean energy technologies.

The hire is a notable one for reinsurer Ariel Re, given the clear growth potential the industry has identified in the renewable energy transition.The addition of Dritz as a Senior Risk Analyst therefore suggests that the company could be looking to build out its expertise in this area and others as it aims to expand into newer categories of risk.

Source: Reinsurance News,

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