MS Amlin Underwriting commits to net-zero by 2050


MS Amlin Underwriting Limited (MS AUL) has announced its next stage in its journey towards carbon neutrality, as the board confirmed the business will achieve net-zero by 2050, for all of its operations.

This would include Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions, and apply across all investments and underwriting operations.

The board has also enhanced its sustainability governance, with a multi- disciplinary Sustainability Committee, to oversee the development and delivery of a broad sustainability strategy.

This Committee has the full support and delegated authority from the Executive to ensure compliance with strategic sustainability targets and goals as they are developed.

This adjustment to governance coincides with the appointment of Amir Sethu, MS AUL’s Head of Sustainability & ESG to the Managing Committee of ClimateWise, a leading Insurance sustainability network, to join Martyn Rodden the company’s Director of Strategy & Transformation, who already sits on the ClimateWise Advisory Council.

As MS AUL looks to make a tangible difference by directing its energies to support what are important issues for its clients and its people, it is adopting the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) as a framework for its sustainability agenda.

To help channel its resources where they can make the greatest impact, it will focus on 3 goals in particular, which are Gender Equality, Industry, Innovation & Infrastructure and Climate Action.

These developments form part of an ongoing sustainability commitment that helps secure the businesses place in a rapidly evolving world, and acts as a natural step as it aligns its broader societal responsibilities with its commercial ambitions.

Johan Slabbert, Chief Executive Officer, MS Amlin Underwriting Limited, commented: “As a global re/insurer with a network of international clients and partners, we are well placed to support and influence our clients’ journeys to net-zero, as well as being acutely aware of our place in the world and the responsibility we have to take decisive action to help tackle increasingly complex problems.

“We also see these challenges as a catalyst to stimulate innovation and commercial longevity, strengthening collaborative efforts towards a sustainable and resilient future.

“I’m proud to announce these developments and our clear commitment to helping tackling climate change, social inequity and enhance sustainability for communities today and tomorrow.

“Our governance structure helps to deliver a sound framework for success, as well as support myself, our Board and the Executive, to have more visibility of the actions we take to achieve our target.

“This commitment is further enhanced through our selection of our chosen SDG’s, to give us a precise focus to our plans and initiatives.”

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