• Advisory Services

  • Bushnell Mueller offers a suite of complementary advisory services to translate Environmental, Social and Governance issues into managed risk and business opportunity. It's what we call ESG Risk, Adjusted TM.

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    Developing actionable ESG strategies, programs, targets, and metrics.

    • Baseline sustainability / ESG assessment (internal analysis)
    • Landscape, competitor and value chain analysis
    • Issues mapping and materiality assessment
    • ESG-modifed traditional tools (SWOT, balanced scorecard , growth/share, 5 forces, etc.)


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    Business Integration

    Translating ESG strategy into business value.

    • Corporate, line of business, and market-specific ESG policy/program design and management
    • Aligning key corporate functions and resources
    • Change management and capacity building
    • Performance monitoring, benchmarking, and reporting
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    Marketing & Communications

    Reaching target audiences with a compelling and authentic ESG narrative.

    • Reporting (ESG/CSR/sustainability and subset issues like Climate, DE&I, etc.)
    • Validation (third-party / industry guidelines, standards, certification & rankings)
    • Product / service positioning
    • Investor & media relations
    • Brand and reputation management
    • Research, events, and thought leadership
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    Stakeholder Engagement

    Proactive and targeted ESG dialogue, as a strategic asset.

    • Stakeholder mapping (internal and external)
    • Ongoing engagement strategy and process (engage, listen, learn, educate, moderate)
    • Interactive market and customer research
    • Feedback on corporate reporting, transparency and accountability
    • Vendor and supply chain management and compliance
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    Policy and Regulatory

    Manage ESG risk and compliance, find opportunities, and shape supportive public policy.

    • Evolving ESG underwriting and investment taxonomy and regulations
    • Non-financial reporting and disclosure
    • Insurance regulation (pricing, risk modelling, scenario analysis, capital requirements, etc.)
    • Relevant technology / market policies (renewables, EV’s, green buildings, land use, etc.)
    • Public-private partnerships (climate risk transfer, sustainable infrastructure, etc.)
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    Education and Training

    Developing ESG awareness, knowledge and skillsets.

    • Seminars for management, corporate functions, line of business departments, etc.
    • Training modules for employees and vendors
    • Guidelines for underwriters, actuaries, asset managers, risk managers and consultants, agents and brokers, etc.
    • Engagement with insureds and investees
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    Industry Liaison

    Facilitating partnerships that drive ESG insurance leadership.

    • ESG-related technology and software solutions
    • Government and private data sources and modelling providers
    • Industry trade groups, councils, and certifications / rankings
    • Academic and community / civil society organizations
    • Rating agencies
    • Sector-specific partners (energy, buildings, infrastructure, etc.)


  • Images: Nik @helloimnik