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  • Who 

    We Are

    Bushnell Mueller is a leading global advisory firm dedicated to helping the insurance sector translate sustainability into risk and opportunity. We are a trusted advisor to insurers, reinsurers and intermediaries - and a bridge to their stakeholders in industry, capital markets, government and society.

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  • What 

    We Do


    We assist clients with sustainability strategy, business integration, marketing & communications, government & external affairs and related corporate transactions.  


    We empower clients with the knowledge to act decisively. From custom primary research to meta-analysis of the latest insights and data across industry, finance, policy, law, technology and beyond.


    We initiate and support dialogue, to unlock solutions. From industry trades to NGOs, academia, multistakeholder coalitions and innovative public-private partnerships - we drive productive conversations.

  • How

    We Work

    We don't push off-the-shelf strategies and services. Instead we take the time to find clients that excite us, engage deeply, listen and learn in order to create genuine partnerships and unique solutions. Its a simple yet powerful - and surprisingly uncommon - approach.

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